30 December 2012

Sweet Revenge

2012 and i became friends immediately
she was just like me
a wild-child
soaking up experience
like morello cherries in brandy
i divulged all my secrets
begged advice
followed her lead
blinded by her ease
in fulfilling promises
but, by year end,
she'd become a bad bff
breaking plans
stealing my men
from right under my nose
talking trash behind my back
jealous of my singular good fortune

we still move in the same circles
but we don't speak and the only
good thing left from knowing her
is her younger brother 2013,
who's been coming 'round more often
asking for my number
suggestive in his plans for me
and while I think
he's a little naive for my tastes,
i may give him a go
if for nothing more
than the pleasure
of sticking it to 2012


  1. fun and inspiring. gracias mi amiga.
    Have a joy filled New Year and may it be fulfilled with your new relationship, 2013

  2. Thank you nene and wishing you a very happy New Year x

  3. Just be careful about those Annos, dear. That family has a history of the "use 'em and lose 'em."

    Have a spectacular 2013, Diana.

    Maybe this year A Thing for Words will make it to that list up there, too. LOL ;) xox

  4. Thank you Joe x And apologies, I've been remiss. You should have been up there, ages ago. Happy New Year, poet guy.

  5. Fun!

    Wishing you the very best in the coming New Year, Diana!

  6. Can't wait to say, "2012, you are dead to me."