27 February 2013

I Wonder

i thought about her today
and wondered
where she'd gone,
that magical
windswept creature
braving the gusts
of an ancestral spring
on a two-tree hill

i remembered that day
and the ease with which
she held herself
once they could cajole
her into actually looking
at the camera
clasping her own hands
as proof of her comfort
in her exotic singularity

i recall she was a dreamer
lost in worlds of knights
on white stallions
and sword bearing
princesses in hennins
easily distracted
by leaves
the haunting poetry
of a whip-poor-will

she hadn't a care
in the world that day
not one
there wasn't much of a past
to remember and the lumbering
weight of her future had yet
to settle on her shoulders
she was living in her moment,
that day

i thought about her today
wanted to take her
by the hand, run
up the two-tree hill
and hide away,
just the two of us
but i was too late
by the time i'd found
my way back to her,
she'd gone ahead
into our future,
never once looking back
for me


  1. Diana that was just awesome...
    may she come find you tonight in dreams and take you there <3

  2. Thank you June. I always go looking for her whenever my birthday is near.

  3. aw, diana, I could not have said it better than June already has. I can add you touched some part of me with this one...carried me up that two tree hill where we stand together etheral and watching her moment before callused life grows her up

  4. absolutely stunning diana...wow * xo april

  5. truly stunning diana * xo april

  6. A delightful poem, an ode to memory and past life,,,really lovely. We all have that pull sometimes, to go back and be who we once were before,,,,,all this,, :-)

  7. Thank you, Ellecee, for your visit here and for your kind comment. :)

  8. This is one fabulous word portrait I have ever come across. Words do not stop at simple portraying and takes one beyond right in to the environment of poem and gladly, do not permit one to escape ever again!!!

  9. Profound and melancholy--a really beautiful poem.

  10. I take your hands and travel to the past with you, feeling emotions lost in time.

    Great poem Diana.